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We feel honored to be presenting at the Georgia FIRST Symposium on September 12, at 10:15am. We’ll be talking about the Nevermore Field Management System we’ve been developing over the summer. The FIRST Robotics Competition Field Management System has been around for quite a long time, ensuring the safety and accuracy of each FIRST Robotics Competition match. But with the coronavirus outbreak this year, and more teams wanting to host low-cost year-round fields, we felt a more cost-effective alternative would be helpful.
While our season was cut short, our summer projects list is long. We’re still tentatively planning a modified summer scrimmage (pending improved COVID-19 trends -more details on that soon) and working on the Nevermore Field Management System for the AMRoC Fab Lab practice field. As we’ve started meeting somewhat regularly again, mostly online, and getting to know potential new members, we’ve decided to put the summer to good educational use, starting with a deep dive into AutoDesk Inventor.

Summer Scrimmage

Sun, May 10, 2020
Sometime in late summer 2020 , we hope to host a summer scrimmage at AMRoC Fab Lab. Called the Summer Resistance, we’re taking a different approach to things with a multi-week event that we hope will put some fun and excitement back into our virus shortened season. Plans are to host a modified rules event, with alliances of two playing on a practice game field on a full perimeter, with switch, color wheels, and goals, and a custom FMS.